iPad 2 Specs

iPad 2 Specs

In order to fully understand the changes that the new Ipad brings. Here are the iPad 2 specs, the Ipad 3 prices will reflect the changes in design and function of the tablet PC. When the first Ipad was announced in January 2010 it caused a mixed reaction, but by the time the Ipad 2 was launched, Apple had sold over 15 Million units.

Ipad 2 was lighter, faster and the ability to do video calling meant the its appeal grew, now the tablet PC market would never be the same.

  Its size is thinner and lighter than the original, 100g in fact and its sleek modern minimalistic case and smear resistant screen, rounded corners makes it more comfortable to hold than the original iPad and its ergonomical design is very appealing.

 One of the biggest most noticeable changes was the speed, the iPad 2 specs for the processor was the A5 Dual core processor made the tablet much more responsive. Apple claim that internet browsing is twice as fast as the previous iPad, which housed the A4 processor, loading apps and playing games and watching programmes via iplayer is smoother with the upgraded graphics.


iPad 2 Specs | Camera

 Although I would not wish to exchange my camera for the one in the iPad, there are many who have been disappointed by the poor camera. The iPad 2 specs for the rear-facing camera are as follows, records video at 960×720 but tests done looked grainy, washed out, and almost unusable.  Worse, the 0.7-megapixel camera is almost as bad.  It is rather problematic: holding the iPad 2, or any tablet, in landscape or portrait mode and trying to hold it steady for a photograph is not an easy process. The front-facing VGA-resolution camera is not any better. You can capture 0.3-megapixel still images, but it’s nearly impossible to use it for anything other than grainy-looking self-portraits. The rear-facing camera’s best use is with FaceTime, Apple’s video-calling function. FaceTime is also included on the iPad 2. With this video-calling app, you can chat with people using the front or rear-facing cameras, though only with those who have a Mac, iPhone 4, iPod touch or iPad 2. 


iPad 2 Specs | Software

 The iPad 2 specs for the software come with a wide array of software to suit most  fans. One of the most popular is Garage Band, Apple’s music making software. The iMovie is another, allowing rough editing.  iTunes will happily organise all your music for you.

 Some other apps include iBooks, PhotoBooth, Facetime, Photos and Safari for all you surfing requirements.

 Besides these there are a whole load of apps that you can download. From news to social networks, from maps to recipes.

 You can tailor you iPad, for your lifestyle and that is what makes it so useful. No plugs or wires to carry.

 apple ipad 2 apps iPad 2 Specs


 iPad 2 Specs | Conclusion

With the faster processor and better graphics apple have managed to maintain the iPad 2’s battery life to that of its predecessor. The battery life is one of the tablets best selling points. The iPad 2’s smart covers which magnetically attach themselves to the device are very clever.

Since the Ipad 2 specs were so far ahead of what was in the market, it was lighter, faster and the ability to do video calling meant the its appeal grew, now the tablet PC market would never be the same. The battery life which remained at a consistant 10 hours was respectable and its design iconic. All in all Apple are several steps ahead of other manufacturers and seem to continue to pull out the stops as we can see with the new iPad.

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Apple iPad 2 Specifications

ipad 2  front 300x254 iPad 2 Specs

ipad 2 hero back 300x290 iPad 2 Specs  






On and Off Buttons on the Top

GHz Dual core A5 High Performance low power processor

Size: Width, Hieght and Depth – 7.31 inches (185.7mm), 9,5 inches (241.2mm) and 0.34 inches (8.8mm) respectively

Weight : Approximately 601 grams

 Front Camera on the top in the middle and the home button, on the bottom in the middle.

Rear Camera on top left.

Sleep/wake button on the top.

Volume up and down buttons on the right hand side.

Screen rotation lock or silent button.

Wifi Enabled black spot only on ipad 2 wifi models.

Storage 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb Versions.

High performance In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD display with a White LED backlight

Screen size – 9.7 inches diagonally

 resolution 1024×768 pixel display

 Aspect Ratio of 1.33

132 Pixels Per Inch

 Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating

Built in Speaker with microphone


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